Final Project Post


Final Course Reflection




This has been a very exhausting, difficult, trying, yet informative, and worthwhile adventure for me in this class, this summer. I have learned an incredible amount, mostly about collaborative learning. I come with a background that is strong in digital storytelling, so I believe I must have naturally gravitated more towards the shared learning experience this class offered. This class will absolutely affect the way I learn in the future, but I think an even larger take away will be the way I teach in the future. I will use many of the tools offered in this class for my own classes, including the amazing tool that is hypothesis. I think that hypothesis is as advertised, an amazing tool that lets you literally take your notes from the margins of a book, and share them with the world. I have had a great time peeking into the minds of my classmates, and being able to see their reactions to my comments has been revolutionary as well. I can imagine my students doing the same. It does make it hard not to read the highlights specifically, but we are in a world today when you need to handle these distractions, as it is the world we live in.


I have mixed feelings about being a connected learner. First, I loved interacting with my peers, having them learn from me and me learn from them. On the other hand, I am still not at peace with the fact that the information that I type or share will be around and accessible on the internet forever. I participated in this class as a blogger, on twitter, and through hypothesis. We were assigned into sub groups, and I thought that was a good way to make a larger group feel smaller and let us dig deeper into conversations. One of my best personal learning stories was on my first blog post, which was a venting of whether I would be able to retain the information we were learning. With twitter, and promoting my post, I was reached out to by someone I will realistically never meet. She wrote me a very nice responce to my “honest” reflection and told me to keep my head up and it all will work out. Which it certainly did. I have had a couple other great twitter experiences this semester including one specific daily create in which I had to write the precursors or previous attempts to a famous quote. I wrote about Oscar Wilde’s famous quote, “be yourself, everyone else is taken.” I had great feedback from my peers, and my tweet was re-tweeted by several of my peers which was an honor to have. I then had several other tweets that were appreciated by my peers, which also made me feel like I was doing something right!


I have a similar pedagogical view as Remi and Lisa, in that I feel that knowledge is shared, and not one person is the source of all knowledge like many traditional classrooms are set up. I loved the way the course was set up and evolved based on the information and feedback from peers. As stated before I love many of the tools that were used in this course and will use them in my own classes in the future. Tools like hypothesis and the daily create. I love that hypothesis lets you collaboratively learn, and I love how the daily create gives you funny, fun and interesting ways to be creative, while at the same time needing to learn how to use different tools of digital storytelling. In summation of this class, I enjoyed my peers and the open platforms that we used in what was not a very traditional class. It was a lot of work in a short time, based on the summer schedule, but in that short time I worked hard, learned from the professors as well as my peers.
Dan Clarke

Weeks Reflection

This weeks reflection is inspired by the white privilege article that we read. I would like to reflect on the privilege I have had in my life. Privilege, I never even knew I had, until I was taught about it. Doesn’t that alone just scream privilege?! It is not just white privilege with me, I am white, straight, male, born into an educated family, not rich, but I never wanted for anything. Privilege. The students I teach do not have this privilege, and this is why their stories are so important to be told through my film class. How can they tell stories about the lives they live, how can they find their voice through film, and score, and art. How can they help change the world that they are so not powerful, and underprivileged in? For my part, I can help give them a voice, I can teach them how to use tools that will magnify this voice. I can also push them to be aware of the injustices that are facing them, and the systems that help perpetuate those injustices.  I have always had my students focus on social justices issues in their film making, but this year, I need to do more, bring more and other voices to the table, work harder to provide them with an even bigger platform.

DIgital Story Review!blank/llddp

I watched a short film made here in colorado for the colorful colorado film festival. It was the award winner named Fresh from DSA. I thought that the movie was very well made and the super wide screen black and white cinematography was very advanced for high school students. This movie was based around a young man who wants to be a film maker, but runs into a series of problems and ends up running from the law. The footage of him running and the sound especially are superb. I am becoming increasingly aware of my short attention span (something I always give my students a hard time about), but this movie had trouble keeping my attention for too long. It made me think back to a crazy and raunchy movie that was made years ago kids. Kids was a very rough, raw and realistic view of a teen life in NY in the mid 90s. The story is the part of this film I would like to see more development on, we don’t get to know the characters as much as I would like to in order to care for them and have more buy-in as an audience. This is real nit picky however as this is an amazing achievement in film making for high school students.

Article Review

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

I chose to do a reflection on this article as I am constantly talking about and aware of my white privilege.  I am aware of this mostly due to my first class at CU Denver with the amazing Shelly Zion, as well as my amazing co-hort of administrators and educators. This class showed me that I have been born into amazing privilege and power.  I am white, I am male, I am straight, I have educated parents, I have 2 parents, I have loving extended families. Non of this I chose, none of this I had any affect on, and all of this benefits me. In fact the only lack of privilege I can ever think of is my parents were divorced. “I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege.” I do not agree with this, I think that there is no need to realize you have privilege, which is a huge privilege.  I do think that once you are white and have accepted that you are privileged in so many ways, it is now your job to educate your kids of this privilege, to have conversations with peers, family and friends recognizing this (which can often be  uncomfortable, and unwelcome), but it is incredibly necessary.

Weekly Reflection

We are back from our trip but still incredibly busy. I had a good week in class this week and learned a lot. One of the highlights for me this week was reading an article about the importance of finding time to be alone in a digital world. The article was not simply about being away from other people but also away from devices. I think there is a balance to be had, but when I think about how connected I am, it is scary at times. I am always on my phone, I am always needing to work or do schoolwork on the computer, I answer emails constantly, I look at facebook. I do not spend much time at all not connected. Even to sit and watch TV (which I love and find relaxing). I need to read more, I need to batch my email time so I sit and answer emails efficiently, and I need to plan work time more effectively. If I do not I spend too much time away from my family. I learned from my peers this week as well and really do value the interaction I get and comments on hypothesis. One comment from Remi in response to a question I had about the future of technology and his comment was Pokeman Go. This is incredibly interesting to think about. Who would think that technology has now got kids out of their homes, playing a virtual game that interacts with the real world. What a cool idea and execution. This class is flying past. I am doing well, but am a little confused as my final project idea does not really seam to align with what we have been doing in this class.

Assignment Bank Word Cloud

Screenshot 2016-07-17 13.54.44.png

I have never done a word cloud before but was inspired by one of my peers blogs. I almost did not post this as it doesn’t really say much, but then I thought, that is interesting to. I wanted to post the entire blog, but there was too many words that do not come from me, so I chose to do one of my reflection week posts.