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Week Reflection

A very busy week this week for me but I was able to get the work done, be creative, and learn some new cool things about my peers. Academically this week I really dug deeper into what it means to be open with education. I never thought there was more than one definition or could even be. To me open means available to everyone. I believe that education should be open and everyone should have access to knowledge. It was a very good creative week for me as I was able to apply a lot of pervious knowledge as well as make a connection with a classmate over a specific piece of film score that we both love. Creatively I was able to use footage from my middle schoolers and their amazing performances, put the footage in slow motion and add music. It is a long process, but I feel the results speak for themselves. I had my most successful tweet this week with my first daily create where I took an Oscar Wilde quote and made a “cutting room floor” version where I showed other quotes that did not make the final cut. I had 2 shares and 9 likes! Which for a twitter newbie like me is huge! So that was exciting. I also was able to draw a photo of my childhood home for a daily create, and it has been 16 years but I was not too far off. I worked hard as I have been all summer, and kept up with the large workload of this course. I did well, and am proud of the groove I have gotten into.


Story Critique

Watch it! It is awesome.

This week I searched to find a very cool animated digital story that I had been exposed to in a professional development setting a few years ago. As I look at the many accolades that this short film has received I realize I am not alone in loving it. The story itself is one that any ready will love. A bookmark comes to life and explores the amazing things that a book has to offer. The execution is amazing, and the amount of effort this story must have taken is phenomenal. Although not a completely original idea I am sure, the execution of this is second to non. The lighting, the frame to frame, the direction, the planning, the story is all top tier. It even leaves a little to the imagination after the statement “much better now” , we wonder what will be next for this bookmark, as the whole world is his to explore now.



Reading Reflection

As I believe that education is the great equalizer in all of humanity, I also believe that we are getting closer and closer to a world without limitations (economic) on education to the degree that has been since the dawn of man and societies that include privilege and power. With access to almost an unlimited amount of information, can a child from any country in the world that is able to read learn anything that they want? How to build an engine, how to record a song, how to write a thesis, and the list goes on and on. The only factor left is desire and intrinsic motivation. It is for these reasons I was interested in reading about “what do we mean by open education.” The article asks first what do we mean by open education? “What do we mean when we use the word? Free? Open access? Open enrollment? Open data? Openly-licensed materials, as in open educational resources or open source software? Open for discussion? Open for debate? Open to competition? Open for business? Open-ended intellectual exploration?” For me it is completely that anyone who wants to has access to the education that is available. I come from a business background, and understand how this model can be problematic. OPen programs are often only open to a point and are now trying to charge for certification. It is understandable, people have worked hard to provide content and need to be compensated for these actions. There is also more accountability. On the other hand, I have learned very well by someone who is motivated so much just by the fact of wanting to help someone (fix a fence), or learn how to edit a video. They maybe motivated by views and likes on youtube, but the guy who teachers me how to play a song on guitar, typically loves guitar and wants to share this skill with the world. The article goes onto argue that we need to challenge who owns the content of school, and I agree. What should be more open than education? We must figure out a way to make it available for everyone, and still provide incentive and compensation for those that provide the intellectual property.


Assignment Bank Video Creation – MS Student Performance Highlights



Daily Create #tdc1626

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Weekly Reflection

I am writing this weekly reflection on Saturday instead of Sunday because today more than ever I am aware of how important time with my beautiful child is and I want to make sure I dedicate all of Father’s day to being a father. I am happy to reflect that I settled much more into the flow of the class this week, and feel that even though it still is a lot of work,it is manageable. I know what to expect, and am able to get chunks done at various times. I have completed all the tasks this week and have done them well. I even was able to bring back an older assignment with a MLK video remix that I had created in the past, that tied in perfectly with what we are doing in this class. I have interacted with my peers and have posted my work on twitter. I have learned from the content, my peers, and have helped them learn as well. The one issue I have had this week was that I was posting in the wrong group on hypothesis. This was corrected, and I am no worse for the wear. This week I feel I exceeded expectations, was creative, thoughtful and reflective. 2024579_300x300.jpg

Digital Story Critique – Failed Rap


  1. Indicate what assessment/evaluation traits you selected and why (in other words, what’s your rationale as a critic of this story?)
Content understanding How well did the student meet the academic goals of the assignment and convey an understanding of the material addressed?
Economy Was the information presented through the story sifted, prioritized and told without bird walking or detours, as described in Part III?


  1. The extent to which these traits are successfully present and utilized in the given story

The creator of this digital story has a very intimate knowledge with what he speaks about. He starts out by explaining that he failed at rap and that is what brought him to helping kids. He seems to volunteer his time (although he says “I’m not a volunteer I’m just spending my time wisely”) to help kids stay out of gangs and out of trouble. He represents the kids he helps, he is the kids he helps, and he says he is not above them, but on their level.

The story is good length and the economy of words and information is right on in my opinion.

  1. What these traits fail to capture about the selected story (that is, what other characteristics of the story are noteworthy, and why?)

I feel that the visual portion of this story was not as powerful as the words. The visuals seemed generic and failed to capture the power of the words.

  1. Based upon your trait evaluation, what modifications and changes to this digital story might improve aspects of narrative, production, media usage, and/or audience engagement?

My constrictive feedback for this digital story would be to have stronger visuals, maybe of students, or more of the rapper himself. I do think it was a powerful reveal at the end t0 see him, but there could have been more. I also feel that if he added a beat towards the end so it went from a spoken word rap at the start to an actual rap at the end it would have been even more powerful. From a content of the rap standpoint I would have liked to hear more about his story.