Weeks Reflection

This weeks reflection is inspired by the white privilege article that we read. I would like to reflect on the privilege I have had in my life. Privilege, I never even knew I had, until I was taught about it. Doesn’t that alone just scream privilege?! It is not just white privilege with me, I am white, straight, male, born into an educated family, not rich, but I never wanted for anything. Privilege. The students I teach do not have this privilege, and this is why their stories are so important to be told through my film class. How can they tell stories about the lives they live, how can they find their voice through film, and score, and art. How can they help change the world that they are so not powerful, and underprivileged in? For my part, I can help give them a voice, I can teach them how to use tools that will magnify this voice. I can also push them to be aware of the injustices that are facing them, and the systems that help perpetuate those injustices.  I have always had my students focus on social justices issues in their film making, but this year, I need to do more, bring more and other voices to the table, work harder to provide them with an even bigger platform.


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