I quit my lucrative job in business to come back to the field of education, in order to do everything I can to help with the achievement gap in this country. At the DPS middle/high school Noel Community Arts School (NCAS) in the far northeast of Denver I am already seeing the amazing results a group of motivated, intelligent and forward thinking people can create. The work is just starting however, as I have been lucky enough to work at NCAS for the past two years. I currently teach Concurrent Enrollment Business as well as Film and Photography to middle and high schoolers. I use my class as a springboard for the life skills that so many of our students lack today. I teach business classes at The Community College of Aurora at night and also am passionate about adult learning.

I am a life long learner and education has always been a major part of my life. I hold my BS and MS in Marketing from San Diego State University and after coming to Colorado I received my BA in History while graduating top of my class at Metro. I still know there is inequity in education and am using my education to help change this.

Last year I started a very successful school news program with my students. We play the NCAS news once a week and it has become a wonderful avenue to build school culture and pride, both which have been lacking since our schools inception 5 years ago. This year I have an advanced news class that creates stories that range to fun to very serious, this class is getting to the point where it is almost completely student ran.


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