Final Course Reflection




This has been a very exhausting, difficult, trying, yet informative, and worthwhile adventure for me in this class, this summer. I have learned an incredible amount, mostly about collaborative learning. I come with a background that is strong in digital storytelling, so I believe I must have naturally gravitated more towards the shared learning experience this class offered. This class will absolutely affect the way I learn in the future, but I think an even larger take away will be the way I teach in the future. I will use many of the tools offered in this class for my own classes, including the amazing tool that is hypothesis. I think that hypothesis is as advertised, an amazing tool that lets you literally take your notes from the margins of a book, and share them with the world. I have had a great time peeking into the minds of my classmates, and being able to see their reactions to my comments has been revolutionary as well. I can imagine my students doing the same. It does make it hard not to read the highlights specifically, but we are in a world today when you need to handle these distractions, as it is the world we live in.


I have mixed feelings about being a connected learner. First, I loved interacting with my peers, having them learn from me and me learn from them. On the other hand, I am still not at peace with the fact that the information that I type or share will be around and accessible on the internet forever. I participated in this class as a blogger, on twitter, and through hypothesis. We were assigned into sub groups, and I thought that was a good way to make a larger group feel smaller and let us dig deeper into conversations. One of my best personal learning stories was on my first blog post, which was a venting of whether I would be able to retain the information we were learning. With twitter, and promoting my post, I was reached out to by someone I will realistically never meet. She wrote me a very nice responce to my “honest” reflection and told me to keep my head up and it all will work out. Which it certainly did. I have had a couple other great twitter experiences this semester including one specific daily create in which I had to write the precursors or previous attempts to a famous quote. I wrote about Oscar Wilde’s famous quote, “be yourself, everyone else is taken.” I had great feedback from my peers, and my tweet was re-tweeted by several of my peers which was an honor to have. I then had several other tweets that were appreciated by my peers, which also made me feel like I was doing something right!


I have a similar pedagogical view as Remi and Lisa, in that I feel that knowledge is shared, and not one person is the source of all knowledge like many traditional classrooms are set up. I loved the way the course was set up and evolved based on the information and feedback from peers. As stated before I love many of the tools that were used in this course and will use them in my own classes in the future. Tools like hypothesis and the daily create. I love that hypothesis lets you collaboratively learn, and I love how the daily create gives you funny, fun and interesting ways to be creative, while at the same time needing to learn how to use different tools of digital storytelling. In summation of this class, I enjoyed my peers and the open platforms that we used in what was not a very traditional class. It was a lot of work in a short time, based on the summer schedule, but in that short time I worked hard, learned from the professors as well as my peers.
Dan Clarke


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