DIgital Story Review!blank/llddp

I watched a short film made here in colorado for the colorful colorado film festival. It was the award winner named Fresh from DSA. I thought that the movie was very well made and the super wide screen black and white cinematography was very advanced for high school students. This movie was based around a young man who wants to be a film maker, but runs into a series of problems and ends up running from the law. The footage of him running and the sound especially are superb. I am becoming increasingly aware of my short attention span (something I always give my students a hard time about), but this movie had trouble keeping my attention for too long. It made me think back to a crazy and raunchy movie that was made years ago kids. Kids was a very rough, raw and realistic view of a teen life in NY in the mid 90s. The story is the part of this film I would like to see more development on, we don’t get to know the characters as much as I would like to in order to care for them and have more buy-in as an audience. This is real nit picky however as this is an amazing achievement in film making for high school students.


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