Weekly Reflection

We are back from our trip but still incredibly busy. I had a good week in class this week and learned a lot. One of the highlights for me this week was reading an article about the importance of finding time to be alone in a digital world. The article was not simply about being away from other people but also away from devices. I think there is a balance to be had, but when I think about how connected I am, it is scary at times. I am always on my phone, I am always needing to work or do schoolwork on the computer, I answer emails constantly, I look at facebook. I do not spend much time at all not connected. Even to sit and watch TV (which I love and find relaxing). I need to read more, I need to batch my email time so I sit and answer emails efficiently, and I need to plan work time more effectively. If I do not I spend too much time away from my family. I learned from my peers this week as well and really do value the interaction I get and comments on hypothesis. One comment from Remi in response to a question I had about the future of technology and his comment was Pokeman Go. This is incredibly interesting to think about. Who would think that technology has now got kids out of their homes, playing a virtual game that interacts with the real world. What a cool idea and execution. This class is flying past. I am doing well, but am a little confused as my final project idea does not really seam to align with what we have been doing in this class.


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